As of December 1, 2022, Reserve National Insurance Company (formerly known as Kemper Health) is part of the Medical Mutual family of companies and is no longer affiliated with the Kemper Corporation family of companies.
The Kemper and Kemper Health trademarks and similar or derivative trademarks are temporarily being used by Reserve National Insurance Company under license from Kemper Corporation.
Frequently Asked Questions
When can my policy become effective?
With an annual initial premium, you may request your policy to be effective anytime from the application date, to 60 days after the application date, pending underwriting approval.
Can I save money by paying my premiums annually?
Yes! If you are in a position to pay your premiums annually, we do offer a discount for the Home Health Care Policy.
Can my policy be canceled by the company?
No! All of our policies have a renewal safeguard feature. The only way you can be canceled is if you fail to pay the premium within the grace period, or all of the policies within the state are canceled.
Who else in this area is covered?
Due to HIPAA privacy laws now in place, we are unable to disclose this information. As one of our policyholders, your privacy would be protected by these same laws.
What is Kemper Senior Solutions? I have never heard of it.
"Kemper Senior Solutions" is a suite of insurance plans designed to help individuals in their senior years. These insurance plans may be purchased by individuals who are already "seniors" or those who are younger and planning for the future. The insurance benefits under the Kemper Senior Solutions policies are provided by Reserve National Insurance Company, a subsidiary of Kemper Corporation (NYSE: KMPR). Kemper* is one of America's leading financial services providers, with over 6 million policyholders nationwide and more than $8 billion in assets. Reserve National Insurance Company has been providing life, accident and health insurance since 1956, and holds the prestigious "A-Excellent" rating for overall financial stability by A.M. Best Company, one of the leading insurance rating companies in the country.
Do I need a physical exam to qualify for insurance coverage?
We do not currently require a physical exam.
* Neither Kemper nor any of its other subsidiaries is responsible for the products of Reserve National Insurance Company.
This is a brief summary. Specific policy provisions and state requirements will control.
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In California, Reserve National Insurance Company does business as Kemper National Life Insurance Company
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